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Indellient hosts webinars that can help you stay up-to-date on DevOps tools, methodologies, best practices and more. Find our latest ones below.


Using HashiCorp Vault with Chef Habitat

In this webinar, Fraser Pollock from HashiCorp and Siraj Rauff of Indellient walk you through how even in the most complex, regulated and secure environments, automation can accelerate time-to-value. See how Vault and Habitat can solve your automation and security challenges.

Bonus: We open sourced the Habitat Vault plan that is covered in the demo.

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Integrating Chef Habitat Applications into HashiCorp Vault

Extending on our previous webinar, this time we take a deeper dive into how applications automated with Chef Habitat can seamlessly integrate into HashiCorp Vault. Siraj Rauff, a DevOps Specialist at Indellient, runs through how to effectively manage your applications while maintaining security protocols and covers different patterns of Habitat and Vault integrations.

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