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[VIDEO] DevOps Project’s Success Factors and Pitfalls

Sharyl Jones

DevOps Service and Customer Success Manager

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This month, Sharyl Jones, Indellient’s DevOps Service and Customer Success Manager hosted a session at DevOps TO’s monthly Meetup. Sharyl spoke about DevOps project’s success factors and pitfalls to avoid. Watch Sharyl’s presentation today to gain actionable insights on how to tackle your upcoming DevOps projects and journey.

Sharyl Jones presenting at DevOps TO Meetup

More about DevOps TO

DevOps TO is a Meetup group, built of individuals who share a common vision that the future of the software world lies in the co-operation of development, security, quality assurance, operations and any staff involved in value creation.

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About The Author

As DevOps Service and Customer Success Manager at Indellient, Sharyl has first-hand knowledge of the business drivers and technical challenges clients face when implementing DevOps projects. Sharyl's focus is on helping clients adapt their people, process and tech stack to benefit from modernizing their application delivery processes.