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DevOps – More than just a Buzzword



Image of a hand pointing to a circular workflow image depicting the flow of a DevOps project

The technology landscape has transformed rapidly in the last five years and we’ve added many once-foreign terms to our dictionaries (blockchain, IoT, bitcoin, IaaS and fintech just to name a few). Now when we first heard these terms we might have thought “what the heck is this and why does it sound so complicated?”

But like any novel concept, time is all we need to see how significant of an impact it can have on our lives.

Such is the case for “DevOps” – the software engineering world’s favorite compound word bringing development and operations teams together at last. From its modest beginnings in 2009, emerging from the disconnect that existed between development and deployment, this philosophy allows teams to make immediate changes on a continuous and non-linear basis.

The practice aims to unify, automate and monitor every step of the software construction journey. Put simpler, however, it is just an efficient way to allow companies to provide a high-quality product while continuously delivering customer satisfaction – what we are all trying to do. When properly implemented, DevOps delivers faster execution time, higher quality outcomes and increased security that can scale.

The Technical Benefits:

  • Continuous software delivery
  • Reduction in human errors
  • Fewer manual processes
  • Less complexity to manage
  • Faster resolution of problems

The Cultural Benefits:

  • Happier, more productive teams
  • Confidence
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Greater professional development opportunities

The Business benefits:

  • Overall IT cost reduction
  • More stable operating environments
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • More time to innovate (rather than fix/maintain)
  • Scalability to meet demand

The holistic approach is meant to deepen into your organization the longer you follow it, acting as an extension of your business processes rather than a temporary way to work. Therefore, it is not going anywhere – despite popular belief. In fact, there’s a great deal of studies that support the fact that DevOps enables you to turn your technology into a strategic advantage that promises to deliver faster and with more accuracy.

Tip: If you haven’t implemented DevOps into your ecosystem yet, start by identifying the low-hanging fruit (like identifying silos and finding a consistent collaboration tool) before starting anything too complex. You can also speak to our experts (after all, we are a trusted DevOps managed service provider) and get their opinion on where to begin your journey!

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