DevOps Case Studies: Journey to Improvement

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Marketing & Communications Manager

Indellient has case studies below tell the story of how organizations with very different challenges are able to use DevOps to achieve automation, compliance and consistency. Learn how these companies are now moving faster and more securely with DevOps.


Case Study: Major FinTech Firm Achieves DevOps Transformation During Strategic Shift

As a fintech company, security, accuracy and speed are essential for continuous success. Learn how this firm relied on DevOps to guarantee security, accuracy and speed during data center expansion.

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Case Study: Leading Auto Manufacturer Uses DevOps to Drive Efficiency

For a long-standing company, it became clear to the company that, to increase relevancy and competitive stance, there needed to be changes in their IT stack and operations to deliver products and services to their customers faster and safer than before. With the right DevOps tools and processes, the company significantly improves time-to-market in software delivery using Chef.

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Hello, I’m Katie Hulan. I’m the Marketing Manager at Indellient. I tell the stories of how companies can move mountains by embracing technology-driven transformations. Working alongside experts across DevOps, Data Science, Analytics, Cloud Application Development, I see the importance of combining process, people and technology together to sustainable success.