Custom Analytics Platform for Large Digital Document Delivery Company

Nevil Whitty
Business Development Manager

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Executive Summary

Our client needed an analytics platform to analyze consumer enrolment and delivery patterns for their electronic document delivery services. The purpose of the analysis was to improve their service offerings, adoption of paperless document delivery and overall customer satisfaction. Indellient developed and maintains a data-mart with powerful reporting capabilities using AWS data services. The stakeholders now use this platform daily to track progress on strategic goals and the impact of new initiatives, with all data loading, validation and monitoring handled by Indellient.

About the Client

Our client, a large digital document delivery company, connects companies to their customers via a proprietary network of partner destinations, reaching 6,500 financial institutions and 150 million customers nationwide. Companies can send bills, statements, and marketing communications to their customers at any of the destinations on their network. Their company increases customer engagement, paperless adoption rates, lowers costs, and enables faster payments.

The Challenge

To manage a large and rapidly growing base of information about clients, the clients’ customers, and progress towards strategic goals through a reliable and cost-effective analytics platform.

The Solution

When they needed an analytics platform, the Indellient Data team was ready to step in, bringing their experiences building cloud-based data-warehouses and data-marts to get the platform up quickly and efficiently using AWS.

The Outcome

This client is now able to maintain a deep understanding and insight into both their direct client and the recipients’ behavior, which enables them to improve their clients’ experience and identify opportunities for continuous service improvement.

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Why AWS?

AWS provides comprehensive and cost-effective storage and data management services needed to support a high-volume analytics platform in a secure environment. AWS SQS / S3 / Presto / Hive / Lambda provided the high-performance data ingestion and aggregation to populate the PostgreSQL data-mart that provides analysts the responsive dashboards they need to drive business decisions.

AWS also provided powerful flexibility: Indellient was able to replace their previous BI platform with AWS QuickSight in 3 days to provide a more cost-effective and responsive analytics tool.

Why Indellient?

Indellient has had a long time partnership with this client, providing cloud application development services to support the transactional side of their business for several years. When they needed an analytics platform, the Indellient Data team was ready to step in, bringing their experiences building cloud-based data-warehouses and data-marts to get the platform up quickly and efficiently.

Our Solution

Dashboards visualizing KPIs measuring:

  • Transitions to paper suppression (e-delivery),
    including both short- and long-term trends
  • Digital channels selected by consumers for e-deliveries
    (e.g. dropbox, google drive)
  • Operational results for deliveries,
    delivery /onboarding failures and other SLA-driven metrics

The data is automatically aggregated from extract files delivered by the transactional delivery systems into the AWS data-mart. To date, there have been more than 1.68 million documents delivered, with the current rate of delivery being approximately 170,000 / month.

Indellient’s Managed IT Solutions team provides critical issue support, ongoing monitoring and minor enhancements under a fixed monthly budget for worry-free and budget-friendly operations. The reliability and visibility of AWS services allows us to be proactive and cost-effective with maintenance activities, enabling greater focus on providing higher value enhancements to our clients.

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