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Creating High-Quality Webinars/Conference Calls



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Video calls are so important in today’s business. Video calls can range from client calls, hosting webinars, everyday meetings, and even company-wide meetings. With offices in Oakville ON, Kitchener-Waterloo ON, and New York City we at Indellient have had to upgrade our own company-wide meetings. Today we discuss some equipment and technical tips for creating film-quality webinars.

Get the Best Lighting

The easiest and most affordable way to improve the quality of your Webinars and conference calls is to make sure you get enough front-facing light.

  • Avoid filming with a window behind you. Any bright lights from behind will lower the lighting in the entire video.
  • Film in front of a window if you can. Use the free light from the sun; although it can be inconsistent.
  • Consider putting a lamp directly behind your camera.

Improve your Visuals

If improved lighting hasn’t given you the look you want, it’s time to consider an external webcam. With the rise of youtube and live streaming, it’s easy to get a fairly affordable webcam anywhere. Here is a great review list of the webcams currently available. At Indellient we usually use the Logitech C922x which retails at around 100$.

To improve your staging and camera placement you can also invest in an affordable tripod for around 20$.

Turn on HD in Zoom

If you do have an external webcam and for some reason, your visuals are not adding up to HD, your HD Feature may not be turned on in Zoom.

How to turn on HD Video on Zoom

  1. When Zoom is open select “” in the top menu

  2. Select “Preferences” from the top menu

  3. Select “Video” from the left menu, make sure your WebCam is being used under “Camera”

  4. In the same Video Menu under “My Video” you can select “Enable HD”

Make Audio a Priority

While it’s natural to automatically assume improved video would upgrade your webinar, it doesn’t mean anything if your content isn’t getting through. The first area we aimed to improve in our online company-wide meetings was the audio. We did this by investing in a lapel microphone: Rode SmartLav+.

Choosing the Right Microphone

If you will be hosting most of your webinars and calls from one desk you can get a fairly affordable USB microphone anywhere. USB Microphones give excellent quality for a great price, but they are tethered and a bit clunky.

When looking for a microphone that is a little more discreet we recommend investing in a lapel microphone. If you are using a PC a TRS lapel microphone will plug directly into your computer and work. If you have a MacBook you will need an adapter to be able to connect the microphone.

If you invest in a TRRS Lapel Microphone you can also use the microphone on apple and android cell phones. To use a TRRS microphone on a laptop you can get a TRRS to TRS adapter.

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