ChatGPT: Complementary to Code, not Competition

Matthew Nero
Full Stack Developer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the job market, including the field of software development. As AI technology continues to advance, developers must adapt to these changes to remain competitive in the job market. In this blog, we’ll explore how AI is affecting the job of software developers and how developers can stay ahead of the curve. We’ll examine how AI is automating certain tasks, creating new job opportunities, and changing the nature of work for developers. We will also discuss the skills that developers need to acquire to take advantage of the opportunities that AI technology creates.


AI has the potential to greatly impact the job market, especially in the field of software development. As AI technology continues to advance, developers will need to adapt to these changes in order to remain competitive in the job market.

One way that AI will impact the job of developers is by automating certain tasks that are currently done by humans. This could include tasks such as data entry, code writing, and testing. With AI technology, these tasks can be done more quickly and accurately than by humans, which could lead to some developers losing their jobs.

However, the rise of AI technology is also likely to create new job opportunities for developers. As more businesses and organizations adopt AI technology, there will be a growing demand for developers who have experience working with AI systems. These developers will be responsible for creating and maintaining AI systems, as well as developing new AI-powered applications and solutions.

In addition to creating new job opportunities, AI technology is also likely to change the nature of the work that developers do. For example, developers may need to focus more on developing algorithms and machine learning models, as well as working on the integration of AI technology into existing systems and applications.

Overall, the rise of AI technology is likely to have a significant impact on the job market for developers. While some jobs may be lost to automation, the overall demand for developers with experience in AI is likely to increase. Developers who are able to adapt to these changes and learn new skills will be well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that AI technology creates.

In case you were wondering how close we are to needing to learn how to adapt to the changes AI may bring to our industry, everything written above this paragraph was written by an AI chatbot that was only given the prompt “write a blog about how AI will change the job for developers”. The same chatbot can write you snippets of code, teach you about any topic you would like, and respond to a wide array of questions you may have in a conversational manner.

If you’d like to experiment yourself, the tool used for this blog can be found at

While AI is still not perfect, it is continuing to grow into an increasingly powerful tool in our industry and should be considered by IT professionals sooner rather than later. I like to think of AI applications like Chat GPT or Github Copilot more as tools for a developer to use rather than a replacement. Having an AI that can write snippets of code with simple requirements and provide error-free results quickly can help free up a developer’s time to work on more complex aspects of application design. 

Chat GPT can be seen as a great alternative to tools like Google or StackOverflow, which developers typically use so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel when they need to perform a simple task that has been done before.  Tools like this can help a developer be more efficient and focused on tasks that require human problem-solving skills, or the ability to consider client needs when creating applications that are easy and intuitive to use.

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