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How to Avoid Failure When You Don’t Have a Project Manager

As a Project Manager, my primary role is to ensure that the project proceeds within the specified timeline and under the established budget while achieving its defined objectives. Whether it’s launching a new product to the market or enhancing an existing mobile application, project managers are responsible for the success or failure of a project. In good times and bad, we push the project forward.

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We’re Setting Up Developers to Fail

This is an appeal to Development Managers, Technical Team Leads, and Technical Project Managers. New developers to your team will be anxious. They will fear failure, and by doing nothing, you are realizing their fears. It's your responsibility to ensure that developers succeed.

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Cloud Cost Management BI: Getting Started

The foundation to getting started with Cloud Cost Management is having full visibility into all of your Cloud resources, then develop the ability to forecast future spending. In this blog, we introduce how to get started with Cloud Cost Business Insights in order to easily identify cost savings.

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A Cloud with Snow inside and a cold thermometer

How Cold Cloud Storage Can Save You Money

In this intro to cold storage piece we discuss: what cold storage is, what should you store in cold storage, what makes cold storage more affordable? Bonus information on how to keep your cold storage safe and compliant.

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