We’re Speaking at HashiConf. Come Say Hi!

I’ve been using HashiCorp’s solutions for several years, so when the opportunity to speak at their annual conference, HashiConf, came up — I jumped on it. When crafting my speaking session topic, I wanted to highlight the power of HashiCorp tec...

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What to Expect at #ChefConf2019

t’s that time of year again. Some of our Indellient team members will be grabbing their Year 3 sticker at ChefConf 2019. Needless to say, we are looking forward to a fantastic time with all of you, the #ChefFriends community....

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Productizing Machine Learning at DeltaHacks 2018

Bringing together students and the tech industry for hours of creativity and problem-solving – that’s what DeltaHacks is all about. The fourth annual hackathon held Saturday, Jan. 27 through Sunday, Jan. 28 was jam-packed with over 36 hours of...

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Photo of a man riding a bicycle against a backdrop of a sunset

Indellient Takes on Healthy Workplace Month

Like any organization, we want to foster a happy and productive workplace for our employees. As the HR Manager, my goal is to increase awareness of the importance of workplace wellness and produce ideas that stick with us through the new year and bey...

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