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How to Automate a Python Flask App Deployment with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

The following tutorial will guide development users on automating the deployment of a Python API. We chose AWS Elastic Beanstalk as our deployment tool. We would love to share how we deployed a Python Flask App with AWS Elastic Beanstalk, automated SSL Certificate Installation and renewal, and automated nginx config updates to prevent “Payload Too Large” 413 HTTP error codes.

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Attainable Cloud Transformation for the Enterprise in 2022

When you look to your peers in the industry, it seems like everyone is moving to the cloud. It’s only natural to want to emulate their success, even when you know that moving to the cloud comes with its own set of struggles. Whether large or small, cloud transformation presents its own set of challenges, but in this article, we’ll discuss some of the strategies that you can use to achieve a positive cloud transformation from traditional on-prem enterprise applications.

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Integration Patterns Between Cloud and On-Prem Systems

Many enterprises embarking on their cloud transformation journey opt for hybrid cloud implementation. This is typically driven by risk aversion and the desire to minimize future supplier power. Get useful tips for planning your integration architecture for seamless hybrid cloud implementation.

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Solution Design is the Blueprint

Understanding Solution Design (Infographic)

Similarly, a solution designer creates a blueprint of any reasonably complex IT system. The system design not only defines the features and requirements of a solution but also benefits various aspects of an organization.

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Migration Paths for Cloud Adoption

Migration Paths for Your Cloud Strategy

We go step by step through the 7 R's of Cloud Migration in order for you to make the best cloud migration strategy for your business. Balance budgeting as well as your cloud expectations to move to the cloud affordably and quickly.

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