Debugging Tips for C# on Visual Studio

Developers, meet maximum productivity. Whether you’re looking to avoid code smells, complete general debugging, or stepping through compiled code, this guide will streamline your process in Visual Studio....

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Image depicting the workflow of Chef Habitat

[Video] What is Chef Habitat?

Chef Habitat creates platform-independent build artifacts and provides built-in deployment and management capabilities. It helps teams automate the application lifecycle. Watch this video to learn more:...

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Introducing Vault Keeper

Chef Habitat + Vault = vault-helper

After much discussion with the internal team at Indellient, Inc., we decided Chef Habitat needed a service like consul-template, that allowed for parsing of tokens in arbitrary hooks and files in the Chef Habitat package when the service is started...

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A man and woman looking at Blue Relay

How Clients Use Blue Relay

You’re ready to get started on a new campaign idea. Or maybe you need to update your customers on new terms and conditions or inform your audience of a new offering....

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