Where Are You in Today’s Analytics Journey?

To our surprise, 33% of participants described themselves at the very basic level of using traditional analytics, where structured data is sourced internally and in small volumes. In this stage, analysis is not seen as a basis for competition and is ...

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Photo of a bearded man with a brown beard and black, thick rimmed rectangular glasses using a tablet that is showing a variety of data presented in different graphs

Indellient Teams with Dundas for Better Business Outcomes

By using the vast, built-in features in Dundas BI, Indellient will be able to offer a more intuitive data and analytics offering to its clients with customizable and user-friendly dashboards. The business intelligence tool will also enhance support f...

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Closeup image of the bottom right of a calculator placed atop a paper with a bar graph with data in increments of three, along with a closeup of the tip of a black pen that is slightly out of focus

Indellient, Analytics and the World of Watson

Indellient, the creators of Blue Relay, attended IBM’s World of Watson conference in the Fall of 2016. The conference brought together some of the brightest minds to discuss analytics, cognitive systems, IoT, data, and more....

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