Big Data Toronto 2017: Recap


Image of a digital hallway with digital buildings on the left and right side, with the buildings displaying words and images in a futuristic greenish-blue colour

Indellient joined over 4,000 innovators, speakers, exhibitors and data enthusiasts at the Big Data Toronto 2017 conference held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on June 20 – 21st.

In its second year now, the conference was a great avenue for us to soak up all the new and significant data trends impacting our present, and couldn’t have come at a better time as we continue to emphasize our data and analytics capabilities which we showcased at this year’s Insurance Analytics Canada Summit one week later.

See what we took away from the show below.

The Basis for Competition is Your Data

53% of Canadian enterprises are currently creating a big data strategy or would like to and only 16% of Canadian organizations have staff in place that are able to work on Big Data projects.

Now more than ever, data and insights shouldn’t be for a privileged few, and events like this ensure that valuable information gets into the hands of many. After all, data is the new resource and impacts businesses, consumers, governments and the general public.

Big Data, Big Opportunity

There is a ton of data being created every second and this potential will only grow larger in the years to come. According to Deloitte, companies that can ask the right question, do the right analysis, and take the right actions are seeing huge returns. In fact, 85% of data mature organizations exceeded their corporate goals.

Tip: To keep up with data projects and stay in control, start with small projects, validate it and keep going.

Here are some memorable moments from the conference:

Indellient recently teamed up with one of the sponsors of the event, Dundas BI, to enhance its customer experience and data capabilities. To read about our partnership, click here.