Benefits of Hiring Professional IT Services over Contractors


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Your company has new work that needs outside help, but do you hire a contractor or a professional service company? No one company can be excellent at everything. Rarely do you find companies like Kawasaki who make excellent pianos as well as motorcycles. For your company to focus on what you do best it’s time to hire someone outside: do you choose a Professional IT Services Company or a Contractor?

Today we at Indellient go over the differences between hiring contractors and a professional services company and the benefits to the latter.

What is Considered Professional Services?

Professional Services companies provide specialized support to businesses of all sectors and sizes. For example, smaller companies may hire professional accountants or an accounting company to do payroll instead of doing it in-house.

As an IT Professional Services company, Indellient provides services like Software Solution creation, Data Architecture Maintenance, and Cloud Services. In this day and age, regardless of industry, every company is becoming a tech company in order to stay competitive.

Contractors do the same work as an IT Professional Services Company but are hired as individuals for the length of the project. Contractors usually have a lower overhead cost, but may lack other qualities you may require that we will discuss below.

Vast Experience in Tools and Expertise

When working in a digital space it is very rare to only need one specific tool or workspace. Nowadays a technical project can include Full-Stack Developers, Cloud Architects, and UX Designers. When you hire a consultant they may only know one of those skills meaning you may need to hire a team of contractors. By hiring a professional IT services company will already have a team of experts across a vast scape of knowledge. Bonus: you’ll know the costs upfront when you hire a professional services organization.  The cost can vary wildly when hiring multiple independent contractors.

Consistent Quality at High Speeds

As a project moves through the production process it will go into the hands of the many different team members we mentioned above. Professional IT Companies will have project managers as well as processing frameworks that ensure consistent quality at a faster pace. On the other hand, contractors are highly qualified experts but may have a different understanding of overall expectations. Ultimately, you will responsible for managing the level of quality at each stage of the project.  

Unexpected Solutions

Indellient is very proud of our Customer-First approach that incidentally ended up helping create Blue Relay. As the story goes our Managing Partner Adam Caromicoli was visiting a client when he encountered a woman who had become overwhelmed by the document processing process. This led to Indellient creating Blue Relay, a new Document Process Automation SaaS tool.

A Professional IT Services company has the resources to pursue new and interesting solutions to even your biggest pain points. Maintaining an open dialogue with your Managed Services Partner can lead to new solutions for things issues you didn’t know could be fixed.

Get a Tailor-Made Strategy

When you hire an Individual Contractor they will have tools and strategies that they independently enjoy using. Although the Contractor may be most familiar with these tools/strategies, they might not actually be the best solution for your unique problem. A Services Company can determine your company’s unique pain points and provide solutions/tools that work perfectly; rather than just what one person is comfortable or used to working with.

Get the Best IT Business Solutions

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