AWS Partner Network Press Release

Nevil Whitty
Business Development Manager

AWS Partner Network Indellient Announcement

Indellient, a software development and IT professional services firm that empowers businesses to meet and exceed their critical technology and business objectives, is pleased to announce its growth to Select Tier Status within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner program.

Experience with AWS & Benefits of AWS

Indellient has been a part of today’s fastest-growing areas in the IT industry for over 15 years, including data analytics, digital content delivery, cloud application orchestration, cloud migration, data science, DevOps services, and application development.

Leveraging AWS technologies such as RedShift, EC2, Glue, Sagemaker, and many more, we have been thoroughly impressed with the ability to build custom solutions to complex problems for our clients. AWS technologies provide the flexibility, scalability, and performance our customers need to meet their current and future objectives. 

Indellient looks forward to its continued growth and success with AWS, as we aim to achieve Advance tier status in the upcoming year.

Get Started with Indellient

To learn more about how Indellient leverages AWS technologies and the clients we service, please feel free to reach out to us: