Cloud Cost Management BI: Getting Started

The foundation to getting started with Cloud Cost Management is having full visibility into all of your Cloud resources, then develop the ability to forecast future spending. In this blog, we introduce how to get started with Cloud Cost Business Insi...

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Tim Lee

Inside Indellient: Tim Lee

This month we are Introducing Tim Lee, Product Manager in our Solution Design Services department. Tim is the currently the lead for Indellient Product Blue Relay...

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Jason Kuffour

Inside Indellient: Jason Kuffour

Jason has been a part of the Indellient team since July 2017. He is well known around the office for always willing to lend a hand and for his camaraderie....

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Ricky Panchal

Inside Indellient: Ricky Panchal

Ricky joined and revolutionized our teams in December 2015 by building our current Project Management team and processes. This fall Ricky was promoted to VP of Service Delivery and we are so lucky to have him!...

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Bawa Prashar

Inside Indellient: Bawa Prashar

We are excited to introduce Bawa Prashar, a Senior Project Manager at Indellient who supports our Cloud Application Management Team. Bawa is easy to talk to and detail-oriented; making him one of the best Reviewers at Indellient...

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Employee Spotlight: Radhika Krishnan, Full Stack Developer

Inside Indellient: Radhika Krishnan

This month on Inside Indellient we introduce our Full Stack Developer Radhika Krishnan. Radhika joined Indellient in July 2019 and has been a great support to her team ever since!...

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Kamudi Panvalkar

Inside Indellient: Kaumudi Panvalkar

Kamudi joined us exactly a year ago in July 2020 and has been a great help to her team ever since! Inside Indellient is where we take time once a month to introduce one of our team members....

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