Audits, Automation & Apps Roadshow Drives DevOps Best Practices Forward


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Organizations are dramatically changing the way they conduct business. This was made crystal clear at the DevOps focused #AuditsAppsTour hosted by Chef, Microsoft, and Indellient on October 2 in NYC.

The half-day, the complimentary seminar was packed with technical sessions, customer stories, tips and tricks on how to manage the application lifecycle with ease and enable organizations to achieve the goals they set out for. We provided the audience with practical solutions to real-world problems and tackled questions such as:

  • How can I get my legacy apps up and running more quickly?
  • How can I make audits less painful?
  • How can we move faster while meeting requirements?
  • How can we meet compliance requirements while not slowing us down?

We answered these questions and more during the session and attendees took home a boat (or NYC cab) load of wisdom! Keep reading for some highlights from the event.

Application Modernization and Automation with Habitat

Modernizing legacy systems and achieving speed was a top challenge for attendees.

During the session, Chef experts discussed how to use Chef Habitat to enable application teams to build, deploy and manage any application in any environment. Basically, Habitat is a powerful way to deliver any app, anywhere.

Achieve Consistent Security and Compliance with InSpec

Chef’s open-source language for describing security and compliance rules, InSpec, was also a major talking point at the event. InSpec allows companies to build security into the development cycle and do checks along the way, saving time and making the process more effective. This truly helps to make audits painless.

With Habitat and InSpec by their side, companies can manage their applications while achieving continuous compliance much easier. It’s all baked into the process!

Migrate to the Cloud with Azure

According to Forrester Research, Azure PaaS reduces the time required to manage apps by 80% and time to deploy a new app by 50% – a fact touched upon during Microsoft’s speaking track.

The experts from Microsoft taught attendees how to build on their current IT skills as they migrate to the cloud and ensure minimum disruption as they make the move. The crowd also learned how to migrate their applications, data and infrastructure to Azure, all the while remaining cost-effective.

The Road to Digital Transformation

Indellient was thrilled to join the New York stopover and present on a topic that hits home: Cookbooks and compliance!

Indellient’s VP of DevOps, Damith Karunaratne,brought it all together by discussing the importance of generating a DevOps culture, showing how Habitat can be used across several different apps and environments (legacy, new, local or not) and how a leading auto manufacturer was able to move mountains in such a short time with Habitat.

At the end of the already exciting day, we hosted an after-party at NYC hot-spot, High Bar, to continue the great conversations over some cocktails and passed hors-d’oeuvres.

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