Announcing Open Source Jenkins Plugin for Chef Customers


Indellient’s new innovation allows for greater integration and better code.

We are excited to introduce our new Jenkins plugin, accessible from the Jenkins Update Center and source code on GitHub, and available to all Jenkins users! Improving speed and ease of use, the plugin allows users to access and manage Chef Habitat packages and their lifecycles from Jenkins. Habitat is an open source software that creates platform-independent build artifacts and provides built-in deployment and management capabilities.

This plugin will help manage the build and promotion lifecycle of a user’s Habitat application packages, provide a standard way to centrally manage Habitat packages and operationalize them across an organization. Licensed under Apache 2, the plugin is meant to be used in a Jenkinsfile and is intended for companies specifically using Jenkins to deliver software at high velocity.

How to Use the Plugin – A Demo

Main Benefits

Nowadays, continuous software development and deployment is an expectation, not a choice. The plugin will achieve just that by providing an abstraction over habitat with tools your organization is likely already using. Other benefits include:

  • Eliminating manual processes
  • Continuous maintenance from our expert team
  • Helps operationalize Habitat
  • Reduces time by managing the details
  • Improves visibility

The code will live in this public GitHub repository.

Scott Ford, Principal Strategic Solutions Architect at Chef, had this to say about the new plugin, “We have been working with Indellient on several joint accounts. The work they have done with Chef and Habitat is impressive. An example of this is the Jenkins Habitat plug-in that they have open sourced. This will provide an easy route for our customers to leverage Jenkins for building and promoting applications packaged with Habitat”.

With our new capabilities, we can increase productivity for DevOps teams and strengthen the Jenkins/Chef community. The plugin will unify our existing infrastructure under one modern and scalable platform – bringing you one step closer to becoming a fast and efficient software-driven organization.

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