A New Way to Think About Value-Add Interviews

Japneet Gill
Human Resources Director

The pandemic made us all shift gears fast and without warning, changing the landscape of our daily work forever. As a result, Indellient’s recruitment and interview process needed to evolve as well. A change that I am most thrilled about was the official launch of our Value-Add interviews in 2021.

When we conducted interviews in the office, it was easy to show candidates what a great workplace Indellient is. Upon visiting the office, they had the opportunity to interact with our fellow team members and get a feel for how we work and how we collaborate. The in-office interviews also included structured conversations that went beyond the technical and functional skills – where you had an opportunity to assess for “fit” within our culture.

Regardless of where our team members work, whether it’s in an office or at their home, we still want to work towards the same goals and stress the same values. The goal was to diversify our team not just in skillsets and abilities, but also in personal experience and perspective.

We wanted to give our candidates the full picture of what it would be like to work at Indellient and what makes Indellient an awesome place to work – our people. To highlight this, we launched the Value-Add interviews to assess candidates’ alignment with our core values.

What is a Value-Add interview?

Value-Add interviews are an opportunity for candidates to assess Indellient beyond the technical requirements of their day-to-day responsibilities. These interviews involve Indellient interviewing the candidate, and the candidate interviewing Indellient back. They serve as an invitation into the Indellient ecosystem so candidates can assess whether they could envision themselves thriving with us.

When implementing the Value-Add interviews to the interview process, we had two main goals in mind:

1. Showcase our culture. Indellient is much more than a professional services firm. We don’t want people who work exactly the way we do – where’s the diversity in that? Our team members bring their own unique experiences, perspectives, skills, knowledge, and ability. We believe that sharing these gifts with one another is what makes us stronger. We want people who can bring a fresh perspective and background while valuing the same guiding principles as Indellient and to aid our mission of delivering leading-edge technology solutions that enable cloud transformation for our clients.

Our solutions provide a competitive advantage for our clients by allowing them to offer new services and harness the power of the cloud. We build lasting relationships with our clients; and, in so doing, our clients view us as a high-impact technology partner who delivers solutions that unlock sustained business value. The foundation of our delivery strength and stability is our team, motivated by a systemic focus on career development and professional growth.

We wanted individuals that open to adaptability and providing the best possible services and experience to our clients while collaborating as a team.

2. Engage, flexibly. While working remotely can be rewarding and offer a great deal of flexibility it comes with its own set of challenges. One is the ability to connect with individuals organically who you may not work with on a day-to-day basis. Starting a new job during the pandemic can be extremely intimidating, so we wanted to allow candidates an opportunity to meet with at least two additional team members who may not directly be involved on their project during the final stages of the interview process. This allowed candidates to build a connection prior to their first day on the job if they came onboard with us.

Even if the candidate wasn’t the right fit for Indellient at the time, they got an opportunity to learn a bit more about us and what makes us a great place to work! We hope to leave a lasting impression that encourages a candidate to consider applying again.

A year later, when I look back at how we implemented our Value-Add interviews, I can confidently say it was the right decision. While it came with a set of challenges and required buy-in, it also allowed our team members to feel like they are part of the process, and it has helped us diversify our team. More importantly, our team members continue to make connections daily while showing up for one another and helping each other grow.

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Japneet Gill

Human Resources Director