5 Tips to Cloud Application Development Success

Christopher Venantius
VP of Enterprise Accounts

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Cloud Application Development

While the benefits of application development and deployment to the cloud are numerous, there are several items to consider in order to ensure your development efforts maximize those benefits.  Failing to provide attention to one or more of these areas could severely limit the results that you will ultimately realize in your cloud initiatives.

Below are a few tips Indellient considers when building a cloud-ready application for our customers.

Tip #1 Leverage Microservices Architecture

Large monolithic designs result in extended development cycles and heavy testing requirements.  A microservice architecture reduces these cycles while simultaneously enabling the scaling of individual services based upon loads across the system.

Tip #2 Compartmentalize Data Access

Each individual component of your microservice design should manage the least amount of data possible to fulfill its role. Wide-spread access to data could create issues in any number of areas including security, performance and more challenging maintenance. Also, remember to follow principles necessary for all solution designs facing modern compliance demands and only collect or manage data necessary for the purposes of your application. 

Tip #3 Remain Frugal with Intercomponent Data Exchange

Communication between application layers can create security and performance issues for the overall application. These challenges are exacerbated by the deployment of application layers across zones and defeat some of the benefits of your Microservice design. Plan the data required for communication as well as the timing and frequency for data exchange.

Tip #4 Use Cloud Performance and Scaling

Once you have a well-designed application, take advantage of the fruits of your labor! Your application should be deployed with the ability to scale individual services independently to meet your desired performance profile and budget. Scaling strategies should always distinguish between the benefits of horizontal and vertical scaling capabilities of your cloud platform of choice.

Tip #5 Include Security In Your Design

Security is a foundational element of all modern applications. The principles above enable a solid security design, but do not ensure security on their own merit.  Don’t leave the effort to design a security plan for each service and your overall application to the end of your development cycle.  The most efficient and cost-effective security designs are always thoroughly explored at the beginning of your design initiative, resulting in a security profile that is pervasive and consistent.

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