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A New Way to Think About Value-Add Interviews

The pandemic made us all shift gears fast and without warning, changing the landscape of our daily work forever. As a result, Indellient’s recruitment and interview process needed to evolve as well. A change that I am most thrilled about was the official launch of our Value-Add interviews in 2021.

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How to Succeed as a Cloud Project Manager in the World of Professional Services

Taking up the mantle of ‘Project Manager’ (PM) in the world of Professional Services has unique challenges, especially when dealing with emerging cloud technologies and complex business problems. As with any project, the importance of managing budget, scope, and timeline are three key pillars to success, but to deliver optimally in client services, there are a few other factors to keep top of mind. I have found that approaching projects with a commitment to adaptability, preparedness, and an

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Inside Indellient: Shiv Kamal

This May, our Employee Spotlight is on Shiv Kamal, our Marketing Lead at Indellient. He specializes in brand awareness and analyzing inbound data. When he isn't overseeing campaigns or implementing strategies, Shiv enjoys photography, and travelling, and communicates fluently in Mad Men memes. Read on to learn more about Shiv.

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Cloud Cost Management BI: Getting Started

The foundation to getting started with Cloud Cost Management is having full visibility into all of your Cloud resources, then develop the ability to forecast future spending. In this blog, we introduce how to get started with Cloud Cost Business Insights in order to easily identify cost savings.

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Indellient Press Release: Google Cloud Partner

Indellient Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage 

We are excited to announce that we have joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as a Google Service Partner. This announcement furthers our commitment to providing customers with matching capabilities to achieve their cloud transformation goals.

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Tim Lee

Inside Indellient: Tim Lee

This month we are Introducing Tim Lee, Product Manager in our Solution Design Services department. Tim is the currently the lead for Indellient Product Blue Relay

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