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How Machine Learning is Driving the Enterprise

December 07, 2018

Firms that keep pace with machine learning will forge a brighter path to innovation and success, rather than playing catch-up later. Picture a world where your machines have the ability to detect exactly who you are through facial recognition, pinpoint ...

Blue Relay

Blue Relay: 2018 Recap

December 03, 2018

Another year in the books for Blue Relay is almost over! We’re so thankful for our loyal readers for keeping up with us this year and helping us deliver a better product. We have successfully helped many teams meet ...

Our People

A Year in the Life of Indellient

December 03, 2018

We certainly kept busy this past year; from joining forces with amazing teams, working on incredible projects and winning multiple awards – 2018 was truly phenomenal. Here are some highlights and a sneak peek into 2019! Thank you to our clients and partners ...


Get Excited About IBM Cognos 11.1

November 30, 2018

Last week I attended a virtual event held by IBM that covered the upcoming release of IBM Cognos – 11.1. The significant changes IBM has introduced into the latest version revamps the existing tool with many new, future-forward features. Below I’ll ...

Expert Insights

Top Tech Trends to Watch out for in 2019

November 23, 2018

What are the early trends looking to be for 2019? We’ll review this and how-to amp up your business processes going forward in this blog. With the new year upon us, the latest tech trends that will transform business practices ...


Your Guide to using GitHub with Microsoft SSIS

November 21, 2018

There was a point in time when it was common practice to manually manage and track versions of software development code across developers. It was meticulous, cumbersome, prone to error and frankly, for any developer, an unpleasant experience. Something had ...


Data Vault: What is it and when should it be used?

November 02, 2018

For many years, business intelligence (BI) projects have and continue to be operating under a waterfall model. It’s defined by a long-stretched sequence of each phase that demands an exhaustive list of upfront requirements, a complete data model design ...


Tech Tip: Designing ERD Diagrams with IBM DB2 and Lucidchart

October 29, 2018

Anyone who is making ERD diagrams (or a similar type of documentation) and prefers (or is required) to use Lucidchart will find this post beneficial. Recently, our company adopted Lucidchart as an alternative to Microsoft Visio. Being the Mac-user I ...


MetaData Management: Lessons from the Data Architecture Summit 2018

October 19, 2018

I recently headed to Chicago to attend the Data Architecture Summit held by Dataversity. The event covered a broad range of popular tracks including AI, Big Data, Data Engineering & Science, Metadata Management, and Data Modelling through general sessions and ...


Audits, Automation & Apps Roadshow Drives DevOps Best Practices Forward

October 16, 2018

Organizations are dramatically changing the way they conduct business. This was made crystal clear at the DevOps focused #AuditsAppsTour hosted by Chef, Microsoft, and Indellient on October 2 in NYC. The half-day, complimentary seminar was packed with technical sessions, customer stories, ...

Big Data

How to Improve the Customer Experience with VOC

October 04, 2018

Building customer trust and distinguishing your organization from the herd begins with listening to what your consumers are saying and interacting on a personal level. But the ‘how’ can be complex when our customers are everywhere today. Without a doubt, ...


How HashiCorp Accelerates Application Delivery and Time to Market

September 17, 2018

In July, we announced our partnership with HashiCorp to deliver greater value to our DevOps clients. We are continuing to grow our presence in the DevOps community by investing in strategic partnerships and tools that will further enable our customers. ...


Indellient is Hitting the Road with Chef and Azure

September 14, 2018

We are joining the 2018 Automation, Audits & Apps World Tour for the Toronto and NYC stopovers this October. Get excited – because the teams from Microsoft and Chef are hosting a half-day, in-depth executive leadership event focused on how Microsoft Azure ...

Blue Relay

Medicare Marketing 101: Key Dates to Mark on Your Calendar

September 13, 2018

Did you know that by 2020, Medicare is projected to reach 17 percent of budget outlays and 4 percent of the GDP? There are approximately 56 million people enrolled in either Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans, and this figure is only expected to grow. ...