Application Modernization

Modernize your applications to enable innovation and increase velocity and revenue.

How Do We Modernize Your Application?

We work with you to containerize images of existing applications

We help you establish a local development environment for rapid testing and validation

We provide training on a Kubernetes or Docker Swarm Cluster using your preferred cloud

We help set up infrastructure-as-code pipelines for auditable, consistent, infrastructure

We set up of auditable pipelines through the use of git flow, CI builds, container registries and container automation concepts

We help integrate the necessary security tooling and scanning required

Why Indellient?
Proven DevOps Experience

Indellient is a deeply experienced DevOps partner, having completed over 70 projects helping clients move forward in their DevOps journey. From Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD Pipelines, Security & Compliance, Application Observability, Site Reliability Engineering & Production Maintenance, our team has a proven track record of designing and building solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business objectives. We bring the breadth and depth of experience needed to achieve success in your greenfield or integration projects!

Full Service

As your technology partner, Indellient has the resources to meet all your business needs, including DevOps, Data Analytics, Cloud Development, Project Management, UI/UX & Solution Design.


Our team meets you where you are at and helps you adapt to meet your objectives and those of your customers. We believe on leveraging existing people, processes and tooling to facilitate and accelerate change.


Since 2004, we have built relationships with our clients and we take great pride in being their preferred technology partners. We’re always looking to help new clients and build new long standing relationships.

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